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Dog Lick Mats,Slow Feeder Dog Licking Mat & Dog Grooming


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● YOUR PET WILL LOVE IT: This licking mat helps to distract and entertain pets
during bathing or grooming time, makes bath time easier and happier for you and
you pup. Simply spread wet dog food or your dog approved treats on the mat and
stick to a tub, counter, or any smooth surface.
● PROMOTES HEALTHY DIET FOR PETS:These dog slow eating mat naturally
improve digestion by allowing dogs to forage for their food through the fun
patterns and mazes. Enjoy small treats without overfeeding. Vets recommend a
slow feeder mat to aid in digestion and help prevent bloat.
● SERVE YOUR PET HEALTHY:This Dog lick pad is made of high-quality silicone
which is food-safe, designed for your pet’s favorite snack.It keeps your pet relaxed
and happy as they lick treats from the slow feeding licking pad.
● THOUGHTFUL DESIGNS:This dog treat mat backside has 37 powerful suction cups
that attach to any smooth hard surface from window to bathtub,preventing slippage
and food spills.The unique bone-shape texture can better attract the attention of
dogs and promotes dental health for clean teeth , fresh breath , and healthy gums.

● Licking Mat for Dog Anxiety Relief:The repetitive act of licking is incredibly
soothing for your dog,promoting calming behaviors in anxious and stressful
situations such as car rides,bath time,and separation anxiety. Spoil them with a lick
mat, Ideal for cats, puppies, small and medium dogs.

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